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Data Security

Data Receipt, Storing and Security Management Process

As depicted in the below diagram, the customer sends documents via different channels such as electronic mail or courier of DVD, CD etc… or through our secure FTP accounts provided exclusively for the customers.

Data Security-1

The documents received are stored on to our main servers and immediately backed up, stored parallel on to a redundant server.

The back up process is both manual and incremental in nature and has implement version controls for better tracking of all documents.

We have partitions for storing input, output and processing files in server.

No physical access to server is possible expect otherwise given permission as per our Information Security Management Systems.

The redundant server is placed across a different seismic zone and can back up information using a very large bandwidth and is secured in a state of the art data center.

Data Security-2

The data entry personnels can only access the work stations connected through a proxy server which inturn is accessed through a domain controller.

Since no direct access to orginal files are allowed in a manner actually permitting any function or access rights beyond read-only and all removable storage devices are disabled, one can be rest assured that there is limited or no chance of data theft.

The team only gets to access the select set of files assigned to the individual operator. The files are not accessible to other operators in the same domain, expect if acting as as supervisor or project manager.

The processed files are saved on to the server, while the operation is carried out on local machines. Thus, at no point of time the operatives will be able to store files locally. Our Information Security Management Protocols also dictate exceptions and disciplinary actions if a breach in protocol occurs. Data Entry Services being a very serious company, we ensure that such breach seldom occurred and are quick to follow up, secure operations.

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