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OCR / Paper Scanning

In order to translate the images of type written text into machine readable format OCR service is provided by us. It helps in feeding the book article, magazine article, necessary documents and hard copy into the electronic machine and makes it editable using word processor. The OCR format makes the document to be developed rapidly, easy access and storage is also done.

Using latest technologies, well experienced staff are involved in converting the data into OCR format.

The services offered under OCR Scanning / Document Scanning are:

  • CD-ROM cataloging and Publishing
  • Document management using OCR
  • Internet Publishing OCR
  • RTF text files OCR
  • Hand print OCR
  • Books scanning and many more

The images are delivered in a high quality format and the scanners capture and convert to digital image format including:

  • The Form Based Documents
  • Numeric Based Documents
  • Text Based Documents
  • Image Based Documents
  • Mixed Format Documents

All the solutions are provided in a very high quality and accurate format by the Data Entry Services.

Contact our sales team with your requirements and a sample file, we will get back you with full details of quote and turn around time.

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