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Quality Control Process

Quality Control is three pronged process. We take the inputs, assess them for quality, we then take the process and assess for quality and finally, we assess the quality of output.

We follow the Input -> Process -> Output with each stage followed on by quality. Following briefly explains how the process is carried out

Input File - Quality Audit

Input files are paper, images of various types, PDF files and many other auxiliary items such as books, old manuals or photocopies of books etc…

Each file will contain a specific set of information and it is our job to perform data entry of each of those fields in to the required format.

Depending on the volume of the data, the team size will vary and owing to data distribution, it becomes essential that each of the files are tracked for the sequence to ensure proper integration of the processed work.

This is achieved through input file quality audit. The process dictates the protocols for file distribution, control and tracks ownership, files references and indexes the sequence.

Process File – Quality Audit

Once the files are distributed, each of the resource is assigned the task of data entry or in short data processing. Data Entry Services has specific accuracy targets set for each of the files an as per the project needs.

For instance, depending on the project input, the output quality will be restricted to a marginal level of accuracy and still be regarded as a high quality output.

Processing stages are the most significant and costly stages of all of the three stages and hence faulting is not an option. To maintain consistency of quality and its relevance to work, we have devised consistent methods for ensuring various degree of quality percentage.

They are as illustrated below:

Data Quality

Thus for the targeted level of accuracy, the applicable process or combination of process is applied to achieve maximum degree of accuracy.

As an example, an image data entry project will require the use of OCR software to convert image texts to editable formats. Once such conversion happens, under ideal circumstances, the document is 97-98% accurate.

Ideal circumstances implies that image quality is at the best.

Further to increase the accuracy, we do Single Key and Single Key Verify Process of rectifying mistakes and obtaining accuracy somewhere in the range of 99.90-99.95%.

For works that demands the highest levels of accuracy, systematically we do double or triple key data entry, followed by data mismatch comparison, yielding 99.99-99.999% data accuracy.

Output File Quality Audit

On completion of the processing stage, the final alignment of projects is undertaken. This brings forth understanding that the projects need diametrically varying skill combinations of language skills, system skills and organizational abilities.

Data Entry Services succeeds simply because there is a good skill matrix available to ensure such work is relevant and can be quintessential for further growth.

Further, the output process involves combining all distributed files, organizing them in order of input and doing final and tertiary level verification. Once the verification is complete, the files are dispatched to customer for acceptance.

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