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Data Entry Services is process oriented, fully furnished data processing lab with resourced networks spanning whole of India and UK.

Our operations deal directly with data & form processing service needs for global customer base.

We are among the top BPO service providers in India, having served variety of international client base encompassing banking sectors, retail outlets & such organizations, medical & coding service sectors, educational institutes such as universities, colleges, school etc...

Data Entry Services also execute intensive domain expert oriented jobs for industries such as insurance companies, mailing & marketing, database management.

Our customers are of all sizes and types. We provide data entry services to large corporate enterprises and trade associations, school districts, printing companies.

Our prices are recession conscious and any one wanting to save costs and realize consistent quality services should find that outsourcing with us has proven to be a smart decision.

You can outsource a portion or all of your back office business processes; our data entry experts will asses your requirements & provide comprehensive project coverage with competent pricing.

Apart from doing conventional paper to digital document format conversion, services data entry also performs document management through scanning, indexing, image data entry and automated data extraction using OCR / ICR / OMR technologies.

Data Entry Services provide unique customer loyalty programs allowing you to benefit from repeat order placements and get a complete hassle free handling of outsourced business process.

Data Entry Services ensures that all projects approach define proper & realizable quality, turnaround time, while remaining customer pocket friendly.

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